Book Review: “APOCALYPSE DAWN” by Mel Odom

Author Mel Odom takes you into the military life on both sides of the globe during the rapture and tribulation. Having read the “Left Behind Series”, which the author says this book is based on, I had difficulty connecting this book to that series. Yes, they both are about the end times, but beyond that…

The story line is okay, although there is a lot of military terminology that the average reader not connected to the army will have a hard time understanding.

Sergeant Gander, or “Goose”, is on the frontlines in Turkey when the rapture happens and many of his fellow soldiers disappear. He defies orders more than once as he witnesses the reactions of those left behind.

His wife, Megan is called in to help a troubled teen on base. While she tries to keep the teen from committing suicide, the teen disappears. She is held by the military police for his disappearance – even though there are people missing everywhere.

My biggest problem with this book is his confusing theology. I came away asking what sins keep a person from heaven and what ones don’t. Can I be saved but not saved enough? Very troubling.

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