Book Review: Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

When readers finished the last Dresden novel, Changes, our insolent wizard was most certainly dead. In Ghost Story, Harry is recruited by ghostly detectives to find his own murderer. But, he is dead and as a spirit cannot do much. His magic is non functional in spirit form and his beloved Chicago, and the world in general, is not doing very well. Several varieties of nasty creatures seeking power have started fighting to fill the void left behind when Harry’s spell wiped out the Red Court Vampires in Changes. None of this stops Harry from getting in over his head, mouthing off, and doing everything he can to protect the people and city that he cares for. But without a body, without his power, and without the ability to communicate with the majority of the world Harry is in big trouble. Many of our favorite characters from throughout the series make an appearance, and some are in as much trouble as Harry. Before he can concentrate on his own death, Harry has several other missions to save others. Each puts Harry in a harder position and the pressure keeps building. To make matters even worse, it is not only innocent lives at stake, but Harry’s very soul.

I was incredibly relieved to discover that Ghost Story was in the works after finishing Changes. Harry is among my most favorite detectives, with or without magic. He is the insolent gentleman, who makes the snide remarks and observations that I wish I could have come up with while still working to protect the innocent or weak. There are not many writers that continue to surprise, entertain, and amaze readers after a series gets into the double digits, but Butcher does it in grand style. There were many moments in Ghost Story that really took me by surprise, and I gloried in each one. I am still hooked and itching to see what will be coming next. I do not what to say too much about the details, because I was entranced as it unfolded and do not want to deprive others of that feeling.

I highly recommend Ghost Story for all loyal Butcher fans. If you have not read any of this series, I suggest you read them all, starting at the beginning, starting with Storm Front. Do not forget to read the collection of short stories, called Side Jobs, between Changes and Ghost Story. I cannot think of anything that could have made Ghost Story better, except for faster access to the next book, Cold Days.

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