Book Review: Put More Cash in Your Pocket

Put More Cash in Your Pocket by Loral Langemeier is one financial book to add to your reading list and home library. Langemeier presents time-tested techniques to making money even in today’s economy. She provides practical advice on how to make money by doing the things we already do and by encouraging the reader to tap into their existing knowledge base and skill-set. This is not the proverbial get-rich-quick book, nor does she tell the reader to pinch pennies and live on beans and rice. Instead Put More Money in Your Pocket entices the reader to use their brain and create new money; not counterfeit money, real money. Langemeier challenges the reader to make an additional $500 to $1,000 a month by selling their services, talents and projects. Best of all she meets the reader where they are and encourages them to think for themselves and go the next step by asking to be paid for the things they are already doing.

I like how Langemeier uses the simple analogy of the lemonade stand to explain her concepts and demonstrate the principles in motion. She doesn’t stop there; she uses real life examples to further drive home her points. She completes her book by providing the reader with the foundations and basics for starting their own business. I like how she subtlety presence the idea of starting a home-based business. Many readers might find the idea of running their own business intimidating. Langemeier lays the framework for the reader to decide how much or how little they will grow their money-making-machine. I recommend this book for every cash-strapped family. It’s an easy fast pace read that is full of energy enticing the reader to look for more of her material.

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