Book Review: “Who Moved My Cheese”

“Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson is a fast easy read with less than 100 pages. It has been said that “change is inevitable.” This book is about how to deal with change. “Who Moved My Cheese” offers a profound look at human behavior from a different angle. Johnson uses the simple imagery of a maze to represent our journey in life. The maze is home to four characters in the story. Two are human called Hem and Haw. The other two are mice Sniff and Scurry. The four characters live in a cheese station until they one day discover all the cheese is missing. Hem and Haw were angry that someone had the audacity to move there cheese. They refused to leave until that someone returned their cheese. The two mice immediately scurried into action and returned to the maze in order to sniff out new cheese. Johnson uses the cheese to represent our deepest wants. For some it’s the perfect job, for others it might be the right house, or relationship. “Who Moved My Cheese” helps us to identify our character flaws and better adjust to change. What kind of character do we portray when those things are taken from us, i.e., losing a job, house, or relationship? “Who Moved My Cheese” is one of my favorite books and no matter how old you are, you must read. My person library has two copies of this book; one to loan to others and one to keep. Great job Johnson I give you a solid five out of five stars for “Who Moved My Cheese”.

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