Boots on the Ground in Uganda

The United States is sending 100 combat troops into Uganda, as Advisors and trainers, according to CNN. Troops may also end up in other African countries such as South Sudan, The Central African Republic, and the Democratic republic of the Congo. This Is coming at a time when America is over stretched with 2 major wars and operations in Yemen; and is in economic turmoil. It seems strange that we only seem to “help” nations that are rich in natural resources. Could it be that we are really there to help ourselves to their oil? The president assures us that the troops will only be going as advisors. One is reminded of President Johnson when he said the same thing about Vietnam war, and we all know how that turned out. We already have to undeclared wars, and we don’t need another. The 2 wars were are currently in have Bankrupted this country. President Obama is proving that he is just like Bush with a higher IQ.
Uganda is fighting a Christian terrorist group known as “The Lords Resistance Army” or LRA. This conflict has been going on for years, so it makes one wonder why we are suddenly helping them now. What is Obama’s reason for getting us involved in another conflict. For some one who is running for re-election next year, he sure is making some stupid moves. When Obama first ran for president he said that he would fundamentally change U.S. foreign policy. Besides making a woman Secretary Of State, he has done very little to change foreign policy. In fact he is just repeating President Bush’s policies.
Now that I have seen that Obama has gone back on all of his election promises, all the hope I once had has dwindled away to nothing and has become resentment. He was supposed to shut down Guantanamo and bring all the troops home from Iraq, both of which he has failed to do. We do not need another war. I guess Obama should change his name to Obombya.

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