Brandon Jolly Shows a Different Kind of Courage

This is an update of sorts on the article I wrote about Jeff Burton visiting the Children’s hospital at Vanderbilt. My article was mostly about a young man named Brandon Jolly who is a patient there.

Brandon is 14 years old and suffers from Severe Scoliosis and is wearing a Halo Device to straighten and lengthen his pine in preparation for surgery . To see Brandon Jolly and others with a Halo, in a video click this link.

I have not met Brandon Jolly although I think his mother may have been pregnant with him, the last time I saw her. I used to work with Brandon’s mother for several years and I was a good friend of one of Brandon’s older brothers. I remember how important family was to Brandon’s mom, Debbie. She was always talking about how she missed her sister and her mom who lived in another state at the time.

I found out about Brandon on Facebook and have been monitoring his progress at his page which you can visit here. I urge you to sign his guestbook and leave him some kind words.

Those of you who read my stuff often know I mostly do sports, especially this time of year. But I am moved by Brandon’s story and his courage, and the courage of his family. They saw a chance to improve Brandon’s way of life and they are trusting to God to help them down the right path.

Brandon’s guest book is full of support from people they go to church with and people from the summer camp Brandon has attended. Their faith in God seems to be working as Brandon has progressed better than expected thus far. It was thought he would go to 29 pounds of weight on his Halo, but he will be at 31 for the surgery. His surgery is scheduled for this week, so please drop him an encouraging message at his site.

To be honest watching Brandon’s progeseeion has made me feel closer to God myself. I have been asking friends from all over the country to pray for him and they have added their prayers to those already doing so.

When we think of courage we usually think of those brave firefighters, military and police that serve us so well. Those are adults and trained for what they do. 14 year old

Brandon Jolly is showing a different kind of courage, in trusting in his God, his family and his doctors that he will be better off when this is over. It is hard to fathom that a young man has to make those choices but he did and did so bravely.

I urge you of any faith or beliefs, please spread the word and ask for prayers and or thoughts for Brandon. Take a moment to help out a young man with a different kind of courage. Any proceeds from either article I have written about Brandon will be donated to his page. To see Brandon’s Facebook page visit here .

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