Breakfast Club Jesus

You picture your Jesus

In white and red cloth

I picture my Jesus

In black and red flannel

Raising a fist in the air

Just happy to declare

His own independence

Cause being on your own

Doesn’t mean being alone

Let’s burst the bubble and say

The only friends you have

Are imaginary

And if you’ve never got lost,

What luck

But if you haven’t, you will

And if you have, good riddance

To the normal ways

Don’t you see

They’ll sell you bright colors in youth

And pastels when you’re old

The ease you feel will flee

Once your life is fleeting

Buy me,

But don’t explore me

A slow cyanide

I say, steal what you want

I have something you can’t kill

The will to live

A beating heart

If you want me dead so bad

Why don’t you start

Pulling pistols

Like in the old west

A grudge is over in seconds, there

But your holy sacred shrine

Is built on something pseudo-divine

You’ve seeped in

And I’ll carry you

Through every untamed gesture

Every loud noise

You’re just strapped in

On my ride

We’re all just trying

To swallow the water

And spit out the ashes

Tell the truth,

I dare you

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