Bret Michaels, Steven Tyler and Others – Famous Male Musicians Who Kind of Look Like Women

Have you ever seen a recent pic of one of the music industry’s biggest male musicians and wondered just which gender they really were? Between the eye liner, long hair, and saggy breasts, it’s hard to tell just by looking at them. Here are some of the top male musicians who look more like ladies when they’re in front of the cameras.

Steven Tyler

Okay, I love Steven Tyler and the man was amazing in his glory days but at the age of 63 he looks more like a woman than a rock god. In recent pictures taken of him at the beach the singer appeared to have some perky assets. If this were an episode of “Seinfeld” this might be a good time to get Steven a “bro” to help him out with his man breasts.


This threesome of blonde brothers who climbed to the top of the charts in the ’90s with their hit “Mmm Bop” might be looking a bit more average these days as adults but back during their height of fame the brothers looked like they could be related to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I was never a fan of Hanson as a young pre-teen but maybe it’s because I was just so jealous of their perfectly styled head of hair.

Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel

Yikes! Lighten up on the hairspray and eye liner bro. This lead singer could be Kim Kardashian’s counterpart with the amount of eye makeup this guy wears. Some musicians can pull off a face full of makeup but this is one singer who clearly can’t. Maybe he should take eyeliner lessons from Marilyn Manson or Placebo. Or better yet maybe he should call it quits on the whole eye makeup thing he has going on.

Bret Michaels

The lead singer of Poison might have been looking for love on VH1 a few years ago with his reality show but sometimes his gorgeous blonde hair rivaled the hair of most women on the show he was trying to fall in love with. As a woman I could never date a guy with long hair, let alone the perfectly brushed strands of Bret Michaels. His eyeliner choices were also a bit questionable and sometimes it seemed like he was wearing too much bronzer. Let’s just say this is one rockstar who is a bit too high maintenance in the beauty department.

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