Brewer’s Yeast for Acne Problems

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There are some alternative treatments to try beside the standard doctor approved treatments.

Some studies show that taking supplements can help in the treatment of acne.

Tea tree oil, alpha hydroxy acid and azeliac acid, the latter two being natural substances have been used to treat acne. Apart from these products there is also zinc supplements and:

Brewer’s yeast

There is a strain of brewer’s yeast called CBS 5926. it may help reduce acne. Brewer’s yeast contains vitamin B, proteins and other minerals. The yeast cells absorb the excess oil production. Brewer’s yeast can also provide younger looking skin.

Side effects for using Brewer’s yeast

Intestinal upset

As a cautionary note: You must understand that there is still much research needed to prove the effectiveness of supplements. Please make sure that you talk to you doctor before using any home remedy or alternative medicine. Some of these methods may conflict with the medication you are taking already. These medications can be for anything not just acne.



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