Brian Kelly to Decide Starting QB on Tuesday

Brain Kelly will be naming his starting QB for the upcoming season on Tuesday. Kelly has put both quarterbacks Dayne Crist and Tommy Rees through some stressful game type situations in an attempt to decide who will take the position. So far Kelly says they in a dead heat.

Of course when there is a dead heat that battle usually goes to the upperclassman, however the upperclassman in this case has not played that much more than the underclassman. Both quarterbacks bring something to the table that Kelly likes and both have won games for him.

Not having access to practice makes it is hard to tell who is leading, but my guess is unless Crist just does not have it, he will be named the starter for the USF game.

Crist has had two knee surgeries over the past two years and has lost some speed. He does however have a powerful arm but is not always accurate in his throws. In order to win the job his accuracy must improve.

Rees does not have a powerful arm but throws very accurately. He does seem to lack concentration and makes some throws that he should not make. He does not seem to look off defensive backs and usually throws to his primary target. To win the job he has to have gotten better at this over the summer.

This will be a big decision for Kelly whose team was just ranked #16 in the new Associated Press poll that came out yesterday. The team starts out with a big home game against USF and a night game in Ann Arbor the following week.

The starter for this game will not necessarily be the starter at the end of the season if they do not perform well. But this will give that person the first chance to get Notre Dame to a BCS bowl.

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1) Alabama

2) Oregon

3) Oklahoma

4) LSU

5) Boise St.

6) Florida St.

7) Nebraska

8) Stanford

9) Texas A&M

10) Virginia Tech

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