Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is Jan. 30

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is Jan. 30, 2012. Last year, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day fell on Jan. 24. Bubble wrap can be used as both a fun and functional resource. We will focus on the fun uses of bubble wrap and explore unique bubble wrap purchases.

Bubble Wrap Calendar

After finding the bubble wrap calendar, it is on my wish list. The bubble wrap calendar is the size of a poster and has a bubble to pop for each day of the year. How much fun is it to be able to pop a bubble at the end of each day! Try the bubble wrap calendar out in advance and virtually pop bubble wrap with sound effects included.

Bubble Wrap iPod Touch Case and Bubble Wrap iPhone Speakers

Electronics can be safely secured in this multicolor bubble wrap iPod touch case . The bubble wrap iPhone speakers match the design on the bubble wrap iPod touch case.

Bubble Wrap Key Ring

The electronic bubble wrap key ring is an inexpensive and fun gift. A bubble wrap key ring is fun and functional at the same time.

Bubble Wrap Journal

The bubble wrap journal is the perfect gift for any writer. Children and teens will also love the bubble wrap journal to use as a diary or phone book.

Bubble Wrap Cards and Invitations

Bubble wrap cards and invitations are a unique card to send to family and friends on Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. The bubble wrap card allows you to choose your own greeting for the inside of the card.

Bubble Wrap Tie

When looking for a unique purchase for any man in your life, a tie that looks like bubble wrap is definitely different.

Bubble Wrap Shoes

You heard right, bubble wrap shoes! On bubble wrap appreciation day you can purchase shoes with the design made to look like bubble wrap. The bubble wrap custom shoe is brand name too!

Many unique gifts are available for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day or any day you want to purchase a unique gift.

Virtual Bubble Wrap Popping

When you want to virtually pop bubble wrap, visit Snap Bubbles. This bubble wrap simulator has sound effects and tells you how many bubbles you have popped.

Bubble Wrap Game

Children love bubble wrap. When planning a party purchase a sheet of bubble wrap with large bubbles from your local mailbox store. Have children try to walk across the bubbles without popping any. When the game is done allow children to purposely pop the bubbles to make the sound of fireworks!

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and have fun! It doesn’t have to be Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day to have bubble wrap fun!

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