Budget Cutting Tips

Look we all know how hard the times are and how bad the economy is, but we do not have to live like paupers because of it. There are a few things that everyone can do to cut back and be able to afford some of life’s little luxuries; After all savoring the little moments are always better than having something all the time.

Groceries are something that everyone needs no matter rich or poor but there are a few ways you can eat great even on a budget! Get yourself a good ole Ebay account and start buying coupon packages yes I said coupon packages, you can find 100 count packages of coupons for under a buck sometimes with free shipping and this will allow you to buy name brand items often at half the price.

Give up labels; many people would never even consider shopping in a Save a Lot or an Aldi’s but seriously you don’t know what you are missing.They offer often the same manufactures items with their own personal label. There are items you can buy at as low of a price as one third of the pricey label brand for the exact same, came off the same line at the plant item!

If I have said it once I have said it a hundred times: Facebook developers are marketing genius’s and the people creating pages such as Frogslap are simply awesome! Take a look at the social network that most of us are on daily look around for bargains, giveaways,free stuff, and goodies that you wont find anywhere else. Frogslap is a webpage on Facebook that is updated all the time with contest’s, free samples, free items, etc. The froggy is a resource I seriously can not live without!

We all like to see new release movies but why pay that huge bill to take your family out? A family of three one child two adults can pay upwards of eighty dollars for tickets popcorn and drinks. Now if you feel like throwing your hard earned money out the window for a couple hours of fun be my guest. If you prefer to save your money do it my way visit www.vudu.com rent a new release for about four dollars pop some popcorn, pour yourself a nice cold glass of whatever you would like to drink and gather round the TV.

We all like name brand fashion such as handbags,outfits, or even sunglasses. STOP before you walk into that store look on Ebay or Amazon! I have been able to get authentic Coach purses, along with many other name brand items new or used one time for amazing prices. Nobody has to know you didn’t pay full price for it and the only way anyone will know is if you tell them. Teenagers love American Eagle, Abercrombie, and all the popular labels; get a wholesale lot off Ebay and bam your kids are happy, end of story.

These are just a few tips but there are more to come, but just remember it doesn’t have to be expensive to live well !

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