Bundle Up and Head to Anchorage

Whoever said it was too cold to go to Alaska has never been there! Sure, it’s a cold vacation destination, but it’s worth grabbing a coat and scarf to experience the beauty only Alaska can offer. One of my favorite cities there is Anchorage. As you plan your trip to this fabulous winter wonderland, check out some of my favorite spots.

· Portage Glacier – Located about an hour away from Anchorage, Portage Glacier is a must. Part of the Chugach National Forest, this breathtaking site is worth the drive. Years ago, the glacier completely filled Portage Valley and was connected to what are currently five separate glaciers. Boat rides are available to take you right up to the glacier. My friends and I watched an amazing video about the glacier at the visitor’s center. At the conclusion of the video, the screens parted and we got a spectacular view of the glacier, which was right in front of us! · The Bird House – Originally built in the 1900s. The Bird House was designed for travelers to stop and get warm in front of the wood-burning stove. Over the years, it developed into one of the most famous bars in Anchorage. Due to an earthquake, the bar sat on a “slant,” so walking around was interesting. Funny music plays on the jukebox, and an assortment of underwear lines the walls and ceiling. It’s a harmless, fun place and one I recommend for a good laugh! · Alaska Zoo – Going to the zoo in Anchorage allowed us to see animals that we normally don’t see in warm weather climates. Glacier bears, black bears, caribou and moose are plentiful. The zoo provides homes for orphaned and injured animals as well. Children and adults can enjoy a great day at the Alaska Zoo. · Alaska Aviation Heritage – This museum is terrific for aviation lovers. Here, you can view planes dating from 1924-1960. The museum has been lovingly restored and appears with information about its pilots and use. In the main building, you can learn about pioneer aviators and heroes. There are also artifacts from World War II that show the importance Alaska played in the war. · Independence Mine State Historical Park – Have you ever wanted to mine for gold? Well, here’s your chance! A visit to this park lets you experience what it was like to live and work in one of the largest gold mining camps in Alaska. Just remember to leave any artifacts you may uncover so other guests can enjoy them too.

Are you ready to take off yet? Pack some warm clothes and head to Alaska. You’re sure to have a terrific time!

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