Cactus Benefits for Diabetics

According to various studies that have recently been performed, it has been found that the cactus plant has properties that tend to decrease glycaemia. So if you have diabetes, cactus is a a natural remedy against this disease.

More than 220 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with diabetes, and many do not know it yet. While conventional treatments with drugs and diet are indispensable, natural remedies can complement and contribute. According to various investigations, the cactus, also known as prickly pear or nopal, is one of these natural remedies you can fall back against diabetes, especially type-2 or non-insulin-dependent. But for people with type-1 (no insulin), the consumption of this cactus will not replace the insulin injections.

The consumption of this cactus is one way you can regulate the concentration of glucose in blood, stimulating pancreas cells and preventing the absorption of this sugar through the intestinal mucosa. According to some scientific studies at the National Polytechnic Institute, the stems (cladodes) and cactus fruits reduce the absorption of glucose in the intestine, reducing the blood sugar after eating. It is suggested that consuming 250 grams of the fruit pulp could reduce not only the glycaemia, but also the likelihood of developing thrombosis. Medicinal plants such as cactus can be an alternative for lowering blood glucose added to the diet. Exercise and medication can not only control your diabetes, but also to avoid complications of this disease.

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