California Assemblyman Dan Logue Shifts Support to Gingrich

California Assemblyman Dan Logue threw his support to Newt Gingrich. The Republican Logue initiated Draft Perry for President in California. Rick Perry, however, withdrew from the Republican campaign and redirected his support to Gingrich. Logue followed suit, shifting his support to Gingrich as well.

Logue has a leaning to spot leadership potential. Rick Perry’s accomplishments in Texas weren’t lost on the la-la landers in California. Logue and other Assemblymen visited Perry in Texas to learn the secrets of its successful state economy, and Perry returned the visit to California in efforts to expand the vision of economic prosperity in a state needing it badly.

But Perry would be outdone on the national scene for reasons imponderable to successful business folks. Note well that California has few such folks anymore, as they are taking their business out of state in droves. Perry was brought to California to show the ways of slashing bureaucracy and promoting business. He entered the national Republican race to bring that talent to the party, but the Republican Party appeared to want none of that nationally.

It is reasonable to witness such Republican support in California swinging to Gingrich. According to Logue, Gingrich has the experience to push prosperity back to all Americans through the political machinations in Washington. Besides, Gingrich embodies the American values that we are losing so rapidly, and it is tough enough to get them back.

Logue can spot the leader to do it through the thick political fog that both California and the country have created. Cutting through the pooh pooh pandering for which California politicians are known, Logue declared, according to the Sacramento Bee, “We need a bulldog, not a poodle for president.”

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