California Tan’s All the Rage, a Decent Tanning Lotion

California Tan is an internationally known indoor tanning lotion company that provides you with some of the best indoor tanning lotions in the world today. One of the most recent tanning products I have had the opportunity try is All The Rage. It’s a Step 2 Dark Tan Booster, which promotes dark color.

Recently, when visiting the local tanning salon, The Tanning Depot, I had the opportunity to try a sample of California Tan’s All The Rage.


Using Sunboost technology, All The Rage includes three individual, fast acting bronzers that work together to create amazing color, instantaneously. Along with Sunboost technology, this fabulous indoor tanning lotion also includes TRF 2010 and Cu02 to amplify tanning results and improve future color.

California Tan’s All The Rage includes an unique age-defying formula which promotes the thinning of free radicals in the skin, fighting gravity. This tanning lotion product possesses shea butter, which is not only incredibly hydrating and moisturizing, but soothing too.

If you are anything like me, you will appreciate natural ingredients. California Tan’s All The Rage possesses Vitamin C, Calendula extract, Banana extract, Kukui Nut oil, and an array of other antioxidants which not only work together to promote a sexy, radiant tan, but also healthy skin too.


I love the smell of this product, however; I am aware that not everyone is going to love it. The smell is a very sweet amaretto smell. Imagine the morphing of almonds, apricots, and plums mixed together with a hint of vanilla. If you are someone who finds clean smells appealing or you are not into sweet smells and prefer a light musk, you may not like California Tan’s All The Rage.

RATING – 87%

Overall, I liked the product. All The Rage by California Tan can be purchased at your nearest tanning retailer or wherever California Tan products are sold. You can also find this great tanning lotion on internet tanning stores such as which only charges $16.10 or which only charges $13.50 for the tanning lotion. Would I recommend this tanning product to a friend? Yes, especially to those looking for an affordable, age defying formula that possesses an array of antioxidants which reduce free radicals. Would I use this tanning product again? Most likely, yes. Although, probably not as much as I would use other lotions. I can definitely see why they call it “All The Rage”.

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