California’s Pot Law Vs. The Feds?

It’s a state’s rights issue. It’s about who’s calling the shots.
You’d think that the government would rather have people getting their pot from some regulated trip that they can tax and the money stays in the community and the drug cartels don’t get the dough and ship it south?

How effective has the prohibition been so far?
Doesn’t the will of the people count?
The Tenth Amendment gives states powers not spelled out to the Feds.
The Ninth:” The enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

Years age, a buddy of mine got busted for growing a plant in his back yard and when I went down to bail him out, his pot lawyer educated me about the Fed’s final jurisdiction in these matters: “It’s the Commerce Clause.”
I asked him: “Why the Commerce Clause?”
He shrugged: “Why are corporations people and how is money speech? That’s the way it is!”

Now the Feds are busting California’s pot clinics to show the states who is calling the shots.
The states’ attorney generals have to break state law to enforce Fedreral Law?

It’s a power trip.

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