Call of Duty MW3 is a Treat for the True First-Person Gamer

I love first-person war games. They relax me and help relieve stress. When I heard Call of Duty MW3 was out, I was thrilled because I really enjoyed the first two in the series. Before I bought the game, I talked to friends who already bought the game and asked them what they thought. The reviews were varied; some people loved the game while others thought it was horrible. This is what I think.

The Game – Call of Duty MW3 is a first-person shooter that is basically an online game. There are three sections you can play Special Ops which is a fun online game for beginners, the campaign which is regular game play and Multiplayer which is online play.

Special Ops – This is an interesting change to the Modern Warfare series. You get to choose three different campaigns to play against another player online until you open other campaigns. The games are basically boring. You start out with a handgun and you see which team does the best. You learn the campaigns from this section, but not much else. I also believe the other team is computerized and they are too easy to beat. Stay away from this section of the game unless you are new to first-person games.

Campaign – Many Modern Warfare fans skip Special Ops and the Campaign and go straight to online play. The campaign is a war game that takes place in the United States. The US has been attacked and you are our only hope. You fight the enemy in New York City. The graphics are very good and the action is excellent. You are fighting the enemy in your own country and they are tearing up New York City. If you like the campaign part of this series, the action is excellent and fun. The competition however is nothing like online play.

Multiplayer – This is why gamers buy the Modern Warfare series because the online part of this game is incredible. I play the game on the PS3, but I have heard it is just as good on the Xbox 360 system. You start out with basic guns and earn your way to the bigger and better guns. The cool thing about MW3 is there are more types of weapons and each weapon has its own level. The better you get with each weapon, the more extras you unlock. Just like the other Modern Warfare games, you can choose your lethal grenades, three perks and a tactical grenade. However, there are differences.

Strike Packages – In the first two Call of Duty Modern Warfare games there was one strike package, MW3 has three. They are called Assault, Support and Specialist. You get to choose which one you want to use during your game play and you get three choices based on how many kills you have in a row.

Game Choices – There are three types of game choices for online play; Standard playlists, advanced playlists and Community Playlists. The Standard playlists are for everybody, the advanced are for the really good players and the Community has its own games. I stick to the Standard playlist and usually play Domination and Headquarters Pro. There are a ton of games, but this is how far I have made it in my online game play.

The Online Graphics -The online graphics on Call of Duty MW3 are excellent. When you play, you feel like you are actually in a war against another team. The guns and the other weapons are realistic. I have friends who complain there are not enough sections in the game, but I have no problem with that. MW3’s game play is as realistic as I have seen.

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