Can America Be Indivisible?

“Indivisible” is the latest shot across the liberal bow in the current war on Western culture. Co-authors James Robison and Jay W. Richards have provided the public, especially conservatives, with an in-depth analysis of many hot-button cultural issues. The book is generally well written and decently attempts to cover a wide range of subjects that will appeal to the current political climate. The release of this book is timed to impact the upcoming public debate on issues impacting the next presidential election.

Robison and Richards come from decidedly different backgrounds. Robison conducted evangelistic crusades for years as a Baptist evangelist. Richards is Catholic, holds a Ph.D. and is senior fellow at the Discovery Institute. In spite of their theological differences, both men strive to be fair to one another throughout the volume. At times, the “Indivisible” has the appearance of a Bible study. It is heavy on Scriptural references and analysis. That won’t be a problem for evangelicals, but more secular readers might be more put off by the book’s decidedly biblical approach.

While the book addresses a wide selection of cultural issues, particularly family and pro-life concerns, the really important issue is the philosophical basis for the book. The authors open with the question as to why activist Christianity has failed to sufficiently impact culture. The question appears to be answered by addressing the need for further unity, thus the name of the book. The real question is whether our nation is bettered by choosing better politicians and trusting them to do a better job, or by changing culture (through profound religious conversion) and thereby resulting in better politicians. That is the issue of the book an the question the reader is going to have to decide. In any case this is an excellent read, quite up to date, and relevant as our nation faces the most important presidential election in many generations

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