Can I Get a Windows 8 Developer Tablet?

Microsoft handed out more than 5,000 tablets for free to the developers that were in attendance. These Samsung tablets had the Windows 8 system on it. Their responsibility was to develop apps for this particular tablet.

The Samsung tablet came with a dual-core 1.6GHz Intel i5 chip. It featured an 11.6-inch screen and weighed in at under two pounds. It featured 4GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD drive. Each tablet came with a 2GB of free data every month for one year.

These developer tablets are now being sold by the developers they were given to. These Windows 8 developer tablets are not going cheap, some are going around $2,000 or more. Most of the developer tablets offered online are also coming with all the accessories that they were given when they received their tablet: wireless keyboard, charger and docking station.

Windows 8 is becoming popular for several reasons. There are many advantages to gamers who have Windows 8. Those who have ARM processors will be glad to know that the Windows 8 will support this too. Windows 8 is good for laptops as well as tablets. For tablets, Windows 8 has special features that include Metro, a full user interface.

These tablets were used for developers to experiment with apps, get familiar with the tablets and understand exactly how the Windows 8 works.

Windows 8 comes with extra features that include side-by-side screen viewing, apps that are not only cool but usable, and more. With Windows 8, you can personalize the image of the screen as well as the details on your features including emails that you haven’t read yet and instant messages you may have missed. You will be able to recognized unread items more efficiently. On the lock screen of the Windows 8, you will be able to pin up apps that will be easy to get to. This includes your office app, task manager app and a quick link to your desktop.

Tiles are displayed on the screen to make everything quicker to access. Place tiles together in groups so you can easily find them. Name your groups if you want to or you can leave them blank. You can size your tiles by single width or double width. Arrange your apps accordingly with simple gestures once you launch them.

There is also a Aero Snap that allows you to arrange two windows on your screen. You can get a thumbnail view of the apps you want to open.

You are going to love the new features of the Windows 8 once you get used to it. Try it with a developers tablet firsthand or you can wait until they come out where you live.

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