Can Kristen Stewart Pull Off the Role of a Fairy Tale Princess?

“Snow White and the Huntsman” is the story we have known since childhood, an epic fairy tale about an evil queen, intent to kill the only one who in the land fairer than she is. This version of the story is a little bit different than the one we are used to, in this new spin on the story, Snow White is not a mere damsel in distress, but training in the art of war with the Huntsman who was supposed to have killed her.

The trailer for “Snow White and the Huntsman” was released a few days ago and there is some major talk about the casting of Kristen Stewart as Snow White. There is also some major talk from the ladies about Chris Hemsworth playing the part of the Huntsman, but for very different reasons than they are talking about Stewart.

Kristen Stewart plays Bella in “The Twilight Saga” movies and through this role she has gained some hype and popularity. According to some of the comments on the YouTube trailer, recent articles, and Facebook, many doubt that Kristen Stewart can pull of the role of the fairy tale princess.

One comment from Jessica, through a Facebook poll stated “Personally, I think her casting had more to do with her popularity and “trendiness” than her talent or appropriateness for the part. She doesn’t look the description of Snow White in the stories I’ve read, nor does she strike me as the strong, warrior survivor type the character seems to be in this particular take on the story.”

The YouTube trailer has some really terrible comments flowing through it, but most are along the lines of this comment from Tracy, in the Facebook poll, “Kristen Stewart will do a good job portraying a woman in a coma. No facial expressions, no emotional depth… of course, the actual acting part might be difficult for her.”

Then, of course there are the fans who have faith in Kristen Stewart and her ability to play different roles. There were many comments stating that they think she will surprise us and they don’t know why people don’t like her. Several were comments similar to this one from, Amie, via the Facebook poll “I’m intrigued to see how she interprets Snow White. I’m not used to seeing Snow White as a warrior sort, so she may pull it off.”

It appears that because of Kristen Stewart’s acquired fame through “The Twilight Saga” people forget that she has had roles in several other movies. Most recently she stared a lead role as Joan Jet in “The Runaways.”

“Snow White and the Huntsman” is currently filming and set to release in June, 2012.

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