Candlestick Meltdown

Blowing the fourteen point lead that started the game, San Francisco looked to give the Dallas Cowboys another 0-2 start to the year. Ducks that sailed from Romo’s grasp over the receiver’s heads, through the flat screens at Uncle Bears Sports Bar (located on Dobson and Germann, great wings and great service. And no they didn’t pay me to sponsor the bar by any means. Never did the idea of a writer sucking down diet cokes in a booth under the hundreds of flat screens ever enter their heads) and into the dog dishes of unlimited peanuts (if dinning in at Uncle Bears, you will understand), cowboys fans hung there head’s in silence witnessing a repeat performance from last year.

“Let us all hold hands, thanking the man upstairs for putting Jon Kitna in the game and sticking Romo back in the locker room during the 3rd quarter.”

Those were the prayers whispered before the downing of chicken sandwiches that chilled my ears in the booth behind me, in between the obnoxious burps and loud clapping, when Kitna threw a touchdown to tie the game at 14 a peace. Nice touchdown to go along with the two picks thrown in hopes to throw away the game, but go sit down Kitna, I want my Romo back. With my quarterback in the locker room, not knowing if I will even see him again this year, I became the only upset Cowboys fan in the bar. Because I knew, I knew that if there was in chance in “Cowboy heaven” (a movie in the making with Tony Romo as the “gunslinger” from the west, who wins the girl in the end. The girl being the Lombardi trophy, if not this year, next year) that we could pull this game off, we need number 9 behind center.

“Yeah…yeah…” the reader thinks. “You can say this now because Romo just won the game…”

Oh, but you can think that Romo won the game. But in reality the COWBOYS won the game. The two sacks in crucial moments from Ware won the game. The ghostly play by Holly, an undrafted free agent, who hadn’t caught a football in nearly four years since college, won the game. And with the game tying, and game winning field goals, Baily won the game. The Dallas Cowboys won the game just like the Dallas Cowboys lost the game in the week one collapse in New York, by total team effort.

As I laid my eyes on other games around the bar, I had no hope in the Cowboys who trailed 10 points halfway through the 4th quarter. Then… there he was. Dimples and all, Romo, strode back on to the field on his high horse (high on whatever they drugged him with, having bruised ribs and all) to give me and maybe others hope to win the game.

Minutes later, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It must have been aspartame from the diet coke going to my head, or was Romo really calling the shots out on the field? Yeahhhh buddy! It was over as soon as I saw the helmet go on and hands shake to Mr. Kitna for a job well done.

“Thanks for the backup bud, but this isn’t happening again this year” Romo muttered while lobbing a touchdown pass to Austin.

After leading the ‘Boy’s down the field in position for the tie, the total team effort put the hopes for overtime in the hands of the kicker Baily. He delivered, and again in overtime to seal the victory.

Now… I can’t wait for talk on Romos brilliance and sacrifice to win his team back. But I wont be listening and neither will Romo. We both have to prepare for next week’s game against the surprising 2-0 Washington Redskins.

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