Can’t See Me

“This just in…A young woman has died today. She was crushed by the weight of the world which she was found carrying on her shoulders. Investigators are trying to determine why the young women would have been carrying such a heavy weight by herself. No one seems to know much about the woman, the family found the following letter at the scene of this tragic accident, yet no one seems to know what it means”:

I sacrificed my body and my soul,
So he would never hurt you instead,
Yet you never see me

I went to bed hungry again today,
So that your belly could stay full,
Yet you never see me

I smiled through unbearable pain,
So you would not be hurt by bearing witness to my tears,
Yet you never see me

I was your wife, your sister, your daughter, your mother
I cried out everyday for help
Yet you couldn’t see me

Turn on your TV,
Tell me now what do you see?

I can’t believe it,
How can this be?

How can it be,
That even in death,
You still can’t see me

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