Caring for the Needs of Elderly Parents in Their Own Home

Many elderly parents resist moving into a care or nursing home, as that will mean relinquishing much of their independence and freedom. If your parents wish to remain in their own home, that does not mean to say they will not still require any support.

Determine Their Needs

It is easy for adult children to take over their parents’ lives without really looking at what their actual needs are or consulting them first to find out what they want. In order to provide the very best care for your elderly parents in their own home, it is essential that you start off by determining their actual needs. If they are still capable of shopping and cooking for themselves, but are having a hard time keeping up with housekeeping duties, then you should focus more attention on cleaning than with providing them with meals.

Support Their Health Needs

One aspect that elderly parents often need more support with is in caring for their changing health needs. Your once robust, strong parents may now be frailer and slower than usual, with the onset of age-related illnesses and conditions that require closer monitoring and attention. If your parents have become forgetful, they will need even more family support to ensure they take their medication and keep their doctor’s appointments.

Provide Companionship

Elderly parents often cope with much more than encroaching infirmity. Many also have to cope with depression, loneliness and social isolation as their infirmities and limitations start to become more and more manifest. It is important to still provide your parents with companionship, depending upon your personal circumstances and the level of support that your parents require. Widowed elderly ones often have an even greater need for companionship once their spouse has died, so be mindful of how they may be feeling in the weeks and months after a parent’s death.

Provide Professional Care Support

Caring for the needs of elderly parents singlehandedly is not an easy task. If you cannot be with your parents on a day-to-day basis to help support them, do not be afraid to reach out and call upon professional care support services to help you to manage your responsibilities and to allow your parents to go on living in their own homes as long as possible. Even paying for someone to come in once or twice a day for an hour or so can make all the difference and give you a break too.

Elderly parents who have adult children nearby should feel able to call upon their family to help support them as they grow older and more infirm. But before you start to make changes to your parents’ lives, it is important to determine their needs, support them with maintaining their health and to provide companionship for them. Professional care support services can also help to look after your parents’ needs when you need a break.

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