Carlos Zambrano on Mound, Bryan LaHair Goes Deep

Carlos Zambrano shook off the rust with his first pitching performance since he “retired” from the Cubs in August. Zambrano threw 2 2/3 innings and gave up two runs on 4 hits. He also had an error and struck out three.

Cubs first baseman Bryan LaHair also took him deep. LaHair is trying to make it with the Cubs after spending several years in the minor leagues. LaHair has prodigious power and lead the Cubs Iowa AAA team in home runs with 38. He also hit a couple after the Cubs brought him up to the majors in September.

LaHair is a left-handed bat that the Cubs could use at first base, and he is a guy that takes a lot of pitches and seems to make the pitcher work in the limited time I have seen him.

But back to Zambrano, the Cubs would like to see him do well so he will be easier to get rid of. Zambrano has eight more starts and the Cubs would like him to be dominant in those starts. The more dominant he is the more teams that will get involved and the less the Cubs will have to pay to get rid of him.

Zambrano could create a market where he could have a pick of teams to choose from if he would like. It also would help the Cubs so they are not just releasing him and getting nothing in return.

I do not believe that Carlos Zambrano can play for the Cubs again. Even with new management in place he has done irreparable damage in that locker room and will not be accepted. He quit on the team. I do not see how he can overcome that with an apology. Especially when he has apologized at least a dozen times over the years and never seemingly meant it.

Big “Z” is gone but can help himself by pitching well in his home country.

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