Carnival Party Bean Bag Toss

Having a big carnival party soon? You’d better get busy. Setting up a carnival party can be quite a lot of work. Putting up tents and setting out tables, making special foods and treats, creating fun games for the guests – it’s all just a fraction of the work. You might have to spend a lot of time getting everything ready for your carnival party but you won’t have to worry about the games. It’s really easy to get together the stuff you need to make several different and exciting games for your guests – like a beanbag toss. Everyone loves a beanbag toss, and when they play it at your party, they’ll win prizes and have a blast.

Start eating a lot of oatmeal for breakfast in the weeks before the carnival. Those canisters are perfect for making a bean bag toss game. Buy red and white striped fabric or paper and use it to cover the oatmeal canisters. Cut a piece of the material to be long enough to wrap around the can and tall enough to reach from close to the bottom to an area near the top. Glue or tape the paper around the canister and do this to six oatmeal cans.

Cut six squares of fabric to be 4″x4″. Stack two squares so that their right sides are facing each other and sew almost all the way around. Leave an opening in the middle of one side so you can fill the beanbag. Turn the bag right-side-out and fill with beans or rice. Don’t stuff the bag; just fill it a little over halfway full. Sew the opening shut.

Stack the canisters to set up the game. Place three canisters across the bottom, two in the middle, and one on top. Leave small gaps between each set of cans and space all the cans evenly. Give each guest three chances to knock over all six canisters.

You don’t necessarily have to use oatmeal canisters to make the stacked beanbag toss game. Use six cereal boxes in the same manner. Cover them with carnival-theme cloth or paper and stack them in the pyramid shape.

You can go ahead and work on the rest of the things needed for the party since you’ve got the games all wrapped up. The carnival day will be here soon and you’ll watch your guests have the best time of their lives!

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