Cartoon Channel Qubo is Outstanding for Children to Watch, Learn and Be Captivated By

My nephew and I always enjoy watching cartoons and movies together. He recently has taken a following to a television channel called Qubo. Qubo is a cartoon channel that is rather educational and fun all at the same time. I have really enjoyed watching Qubo with my three year old nephew, it enlightens his day and has us both giggling and singing along to the cartoon songs. Let’s take a look at some of the programs that come on for your child’s entertainment.

I was busy rearranging my bedroom when I plugged up my antenna to my TV outlet, a new cartoon channel lit up to the screen. It was called “Qubo,” which immediately sparked my nephew’s interest. The Magic School Bus was on the channel and so we decided to watch it together. The story of how a school bus morphs into different objects and goes on different journeys is not only fun for children but it has an educational value to it also. So from that moment on, Qubo became my nephew’s favorite cartoon channel.

As he became more interested in Qubo we found other great shows that captivate him and actually hold his attention. I think Qubo’s cartoon’s and different shows have a better plot line and have a level of suspense that has enticed my nephew’s mind to keep watching. He will watch other cartoon channels, but I see a different side of his attention span when he is watching Qubo. For example, another cartoon is Alfred the Hedgehog. This cartoon is about a group of hedgehogs and their friends looking for clues to solve the mysteries. The cartoon has a very catchy song and also has some very funny plot lines. The main character, Alfred is often quoted to say “This is Serious Mysterious” and so the plot unravels until the gang solves all of the clues as to why something odd has happened in Knarley Woods, the setting for the cartoon. My nephew has literally been engaged with this cartoon and I see him asking questions of “why?” more and he wants to know the mystery behind things he observes, he learned this from Alfred Hedgehog on Qubo.

Some other cartoons that come on throughout the day are Pearly, Rescue Heros and Mazie Mouse. My nephew enjoys all of them, even Pearly, the “girly” cartoon! Not only do these cartoon come on during the day, there is a line up of evening shows and finally there is a portion called “Qubo Night-owl.” Qubo Night-owl really sparked my own interest further because of a couple beloved cartoons I used to watch growing up. During the hours of 11 pm until the early morning hours, there are episodes of the original He-Man and She-ra cartoons from the 1980s. My nephew and I will stay up sometimes to watch them and he will eventually fall asleep, but the next day he is talking vigorously about He-Man and the battles with Skelator. He-Man is actually a great cartoon for younger boys, I think because they can relate to see what is good and bad and the plot line is very clear, even at 3 years old.

So next time it is cartoon morning or simply cartoon time, please check out Qubo. It is a wonderful channel for your child’s learning and entertainment. The various cartoons will help them grow and have fun all at the same time. Their imagination can grow from the cartoons as well. Qubo can be watched via antenna or cable/digital television anytime your child’s heart desires!

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