Cash Mobs a New Boon to Small Business

Have you heard of the new phenomenon called the “cash mob?” Maybe I live under a rock, but I hadn’t heard of this idea until today—–and I love it. The basic idea is that a person posts on Twitter a time and place for people to meet, much as with a flash mob. Participants are asked to bring some cash. They then descend upon a small, struggling local business and shop. No singing, no dancing, just shop and spend and support the chosen small business.

There are suggested guidelines for organizing a cash mob at the website But the truth is, there really are no rules for holding such an event. You may want to use Facebook instead of Twitter, or just email a group of friends and neighbors. Some mob organizers recommend that each person come prepared to spend $20, but that is not mandatory. Even small expenditures add up. It is more helpful to the small business if the purchases are made with cash, which keeps part of the money from going to credit card processors. It is strongly recommended that you notify the shop in advance of your plans

We all love the internet, but when time allows, there’s nothing like browsing through the quaint shops of a small community. While all shops welcome casual browsers, paying customers are needed to keep the doors open and the lights on! Those of us who love the charm of small town “mom and pops” must support them whenever we can.

This movement has become so popular that March 24, 2012, has been designated National Cash Mob Day. Why not sponsor a cash mob for your favorite neighborhood store? Or check the web and see if there is one already planned. It is a win-win for you and your local community!


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