Celebrating 60 Years of Miss Universe: 32nd Miss Universe 1983 St.Louis (MO). History!

1.Because of the country’s financial troubles, the Panamanian government has postponed the annual contest.

2.South America prepares for the pageant! Before competing at MU 1983, ten South American candidates make a visit to Lima (Peru’s capital city) to compete at Miss South America.

3.Saint Louis (MO) hosts the 1983 edition of the Miss Universe pageant.

4.Tiny Gambia debuts with a win in the States: the Western African nation wins Miss Amity trophy with Abbey Scattrel Janneh, but she made one of the worst scores in the preliminary swimsuit competition with 6.554 points, behind Guam’s contestant Pamela Joyce Booth (6.622) and El Salvador’s delegate Claudia Deniz Oliva Alberto (6.755).

5.From beginning to end, Miss USA is the big favorite, followed by Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, and Venezuela.

6.Who is who in MU ?:Miss Switzerland Universe 1983! Considered by many the most beautiful of Switzerland’s beauty queens, Lolita Morena, who wants to become an Egyptologist, gains the Miss Photogenic award before placing third in the international tournament in the American city of Saint Louis (MO). Europe’s Switzerland was semi-finalist from 1960 until 1961 and again from 1969 to 1970. Previously, in late 1982, the young Morena, a polyglot, gained international experience as she represented her tiny country in the Miss World held in London’s Royal Albert Hall. There she was elected the “most photogenic girl” by the media and then came in fourth in the pageant, where she had been picked as the favorite to win the international trophy by England’s bookmakers, along with Trinidad-Tobago’s “Cleopatra” Aretha Rocke. Italian-born Swiss model Morena is the only woman to win both a Photogenic Universe and a Photogenic World.

7.Like in July 1982, the semifinalists come mainly from the World Industrialized: England, Finland Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, USA, and West Germany. Miss Venezuela is the only semifinalist from the Third World/developing World.

8.New Zealand’s contestant wins MU title! After getting excellent results in 1980 and 1982, Oceania, NZ’s golden queen Lorraine Elizabeth Downes, captures the crown, following a hard battle against Miss USA, Julie Lynn Hayek of California, in the semi-finals. During the event, Downes had taken advantage of her experience as a professional model.

9.Taking advantage of her experience at Miss World 1982 and Miss Intercontinental 1982, Ireland’s beauty Roberta Brown is second runner-up in St.Louis.

10.The exotic young Kathie Lee Lee Beng becomes he first citizen from Singapore to classify in the semifinals.

11.After Miss Poland 1983’s election at Warsaw (the first contest in the Soviet satellite since the late 1950s), the Socialist country may make a comeback in 1984. Twenty-six years earlier, the New Mexico-size nation was third runner-up at Long Beach (CA).

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