Celebrity Couples that Split and Got Back Together in 2011

This year has been a real rollercoaster ride for come celebrities relationship-wise — couples break up, make up, and sometimes break up again. Here’s a look back at the celebs of 2011 who just didn’t know if they should stay or they should go:

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama

Demi celebrated getting out of rehab with a romance back in January, but hooking up with Hollywood’s biggest Don Juan probably wasn’t the best way to ensure her continued health and happiness. It wasn’t all that surprising when Demi and Wilmer called it quits just a few months later in June, but the 31-year-old heartbreaker just can’t seem to stay away from the 19-year-old pop princess. Wilmer has had no problem loving and leaving stars like Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, and Ashlee Simpson, but there’s just something about Demi that keeps him coming back – the two seemed to be dating again when they were spotted making out early in November. So has the “Sonny with a Chance” star conquered the ladykiller? She and Wilmer recently attended the wedding of one of their pals where Demi caught the bouquet, so perhaps Fez finally has met his match.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

Kristin might not be starring on “Laguna Beach” or “The Hills” anymore, but her love life certainly played out like a reality show in 2011. The “Dancing with the Stars” contestant got engaged to NFL star Jay Cutler back in April, but the engagement was called off in July. Jay might have decided that he wasn’t quite ready for that kind of commitment then, but he and Kristin just got engaged again after denying rumors earlier in November that their wedding was back on. However, hopefully they still take their time getting to the altar – things didn’t exactly turn out well for the last reality show star and professional athlete that walked down the aisle, and Kristin is dealing with enough tabloid drama as it is. Since her broken engagement made headlines, she’s had to deny rumors that she had an affair with Scott Disick. Kristin even called the Kardashian clan out for not denying the affair rumor, claiming that they weren’t commenting on it in order to take the heat off of Kim Kardashian after her divorce drama (if only there were a way for Kristin and the Kardashians to star on the same reality show).

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

This couple has been plagued by breakup rumors since they started dating in 2007. So it was really no surprise that they called it quits back in March, especially when rumors surfaced that J.T. was getting extra-friendly with his “Friends with Benefits” costar Mila Kunis. However, the former boy band star might have decided to become a man by leaving his playboy days behind – he and Jessica were spotted riding bikes together in Toronto back in August, and it seems like they’ve been going strong ever since.

Kat Von D and Jesse James

But not all reunited celebrity couples have been so lucky in love. Back in July the tattoo artist and the cheater called off their engagement, but they got re-engaged just a few weeks later in August. After all, when a gal gets a guy’s face tattooed on her ribcage, she’s going to try her best to make it work. However, Kat got a taste of Sandra Bullock’s pain when the serial cheater just couldn’t change his ways. She and the mistress addict split for good in September, with Kat later revealing that she met the 19th woman that her ex cheated on her with. Now at least she can turn Jesse’s tattoo into a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” poster.

So what do you think of the celebrity couples that reunited in 2011? Will they all end up going the way of Kat and Jesse, or are their relationships the real deal?

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