Celebrity Fixation and Celebrity Obsession. What’s Really Going On?

It seems like every day in our culture we as a society seem to obsess or fixate on what the celebrities wear, say or do. We sit on edge waiting to see what this singer is wearing nor or what this actor has to say about a specific issue before making a move. Honestly, I think it’s a bit ridiculous to put so much merit in what someone says or does simply because of their celebrity status. What’s the deal with letting your lifestyle hinge upon the thoughts of a celebrity? Why do we as a society make them gods? There are so many of the celebrities that are giving their opinion on certain topics or issues and when you look at their lifestyle, it’s an absolute wreck! I wouldn’t want my dog to act the way they do. Especially some of the reality shows out these days! Some celebrities are constantly in trouble or suffer substance abuse but yet we act as if the heavens open up when they endorse a product or comment on something. Why wear something simply because it was endorsed by a celebrity or the line belongs to them? It’s one thing to go for something or agree on an issue along with a celebrity because you like the product or agree with the issue but please let your reasons be legitimate. What happened to originality and thinking for yourself? As insane as it sounds, there are people in this world who literally have gone into thousands of dollars in debt trying to as we say…”keep up with the Joneses”. How ridiculous is that?

Not that I am trying to discredit celebrities and the good things they do but it just seems as though society has become so engrossed in every move they make. If they comment in a derogatory manner, we make T-Shirts, hats, web pages, etc. in their honor as if to say because of who you are we love everything you do good or bad. There has to be limits to their greatness, don’t you think? Just like most, there are some stars out there that I really like but because I enjoy their work doesn’t mean that I will purchase every product they endorse or support every action they make. I was blown away at how Lindsay Lohan wore a designer dress to a court appearance and people literally ran out to buy the exact same dress. I mean, the dress sold in no time! I find that utterly insane. I just don’t get it! There are celebrity items that I like and would consider wearing but I am not running out to get it because he/she wears it nor will I go broke trying to look like a celebrity. I am a star in my own right and it’s time for many more people to begin thinking the same way! It’s time to be your own person and make decisions for yourself.

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