Celebrity Hair Secrets

Celebrities have to maintain a presence in the public spotlight, in order to retain their fan base. Looking good includes having great hair. Between hit shows, movies, television cameos or theatrical performances, a celebrity has to show up on the red carpet of posh events and be photographed looking – fabulous. For female celebrities, who often appear to have to fight harder for attention, extra components come into play. The biggest question, beyond the name of their clothing or shoe designer is; what did the celebrity do to their hair?

According to the May 2010 episode of Clever TV, famous celebrities including: Dolly Parton, Cher, and Miley Cyrus are on the list. These names are no surprise because Dolly famously jokes about her hair and along with Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton has her own line of wigs and hairpieces. Kim Zolciak of the reality show “Housewives of Atlanta” uses so many wigs that they have become a part of the storyline of the show. Katy Perry, award winning singer and entertainer and Britney Spears are also open about their wig wearing habits and of course there is Lady Gaga. With some of these celebrities their wigs are obvious and like costumes. Other wig wearers like Beyonce and Oprah want the public to think their fabulous hair is all natural.

It isn’t cheap to wear wigs. Kim Zolciak estimated her wig cost at $12,000.00 per month in 2010, but not all hair pieces cost that much. There are three basic types of hair modification: temporary hair extensions, semi-permanent hair extensions and full coverage wigs. Clip-on hair extensions are the most common hair helpers. These strips of hair are sold from $20 per package for synthetic hair and over $400 per package for human hair. The clips are attached near the root of the hair and used to add instant fullness and length. But Kim’s collection has nothing on Beyonce. Not only does Beyonce have wigs costing more than $10,000.00 each, she has a climate controlled special wig vault with a wig collection estimated at more than $1,000,000.00 — that’s a million bucks of fake hair!

Semi-permanent hair extensions will cost you more than the clip-on type because they are attached in salons in a process that takes most of a day. Small pieces of hair are attached to existing hair using a protein-based glue. These extensions are designed to stay on all the time and the person wearing them has to take extra care not to damage the hair. Synthetic hair can be used, but it will not handle the rigors of the hot hair dryer or curling iron and the hair may even melt. Expect to pay for the hair and the hourly rate of a stylist for up to eight hours. The benefit of this treatment is that it is mostly invisible and it allows anyone to change their look quickly with one day-long visit to the salon. A well-known salon and expensive hairpiece can make this choice run upward of $5000.00.

But the big news here is the wig. A complete wig can change the appearance of the celebrity in seconds. When the wig is coupled with the skilled attention of a wig stylist the result is instant, beautiful hair. A good wig, properly styled, can be filmed up close and not give away its secrets. This is important, the celebrity doesn’t want you to know if their hair is real. They want you to speculate about their hair. They want the public to blog, chat and tweet about their hair. This is the best kind of publicity they can get because hair, although interesting, isn’t really controversial. If you watch shows featuring the closets of celebrity females, you won’t see their wig closet or special wig vault. They hide the mystery of their transformation.

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