Cell Phones: Why My Kids Won’t Have One

Cell phones are everywhere. When I’m in public I have to dodge people staring down into screens as they walk. When I’m driving I have to watch out for people paying more attention to their phone than their car. When I’m with friends I often have to draw their attention from whatever app., text message or call is currently entertaining their now minuscule attention spans. I will not have to deal with this with my kids, because they will not have cell phones. I understand that technology is here to better our lives, and I very much understand how cell phones can be used to do so. However, I also recognize that in our current society there is a growing population of technozombies. That’s what I call them, these chronic cell phone junkies with their smartphones, and I won’t let my children fall to their infection. This is why…

Cell phone use may cause some rather nasty health issues.

Studies are overall inconclusive in regards to the health effects of cell phone use in general and in youth. It has been shown that regular cell phone use can effect glucose metabolization in the brain, which has unknown effects. Several studies have found a link between regular use and cancer of the brain, head, and neck; though it should be noted other studies have found no such link. Cell phones emit a type a non-ionizing radiation similar to that which your microwave emits, and do produce limited amounts of heat just like a microwave if you’re curious. In a loose sort of way, when you talk on a cell phone you are microwaving the side of your head on a very low setting. Not to mention the growing number of cell phones in the world is having a rather negative effect on our environment, ask the bees.

The positions required for texting and talking are also starting a new chiropractic epidemic, known as “text neck.” Children in particular are at a greater risk because their bones and muscles are still developing, and their heads are generally less proportionate to their bodies. Some chiropractors are concerned if this trend continues the human neck may begin to adapt to the frequent flexing downward and deform causing even more health problems and physical defect.

Cell phones discourage face-to-face interaction and hurt social skills.

While most of us have experienced this first hand and know that those on cell phones generally are absorbed and ignoring real life. A study done in 2008 found that people on cell phones were less likely to even exhibit non-verbal social cues like smiling than those that were not. They were also less likely to help someone in need in their close proximity. I personally have witnessed teens in the same room texting one another in conversation when they were within hearing distance.

Most importantly, kids don’t need cell phones.

I see the logic in allowing a child an emergency phone which dials only a few numbers, but children and teens do not need to carry a computer along with them where ever they go. They don’t need texts, apps., wifi, and constant phone conversations. They need education, real life experience, and real human interaction. Cell phones provide none of the later and all of the prior, and that’s why my kids won’t have cell phones.

Does your child have a cell phone?

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