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Panasonic massage chairs are approved and endorsed by the American Chiropratic Association (ACA). These chairs are known for providing deep tissue relief to relax the muscles and relieve tension. The massage chairs use four pre-set programs and eight manual modes to promote good health. This massage chair is akin to having a personal massage therapist at home.

The typical Panasonic massage chair is capable of the four major types of chair massages: Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading and Grasping. Shiatsu chair massages use two massage heads to provide finger pressure massage for deep tissue pressure. Swedish chair massages invigorate the muscles. The Kneading massage increases energy flow in the neck and shoulders by stimulating acupoints. As the lymphatic system is stimulated, the body is cleansed.

Some Panasonic massage chairs use pressure sensor technology to create a virtual map of the back. The Real Pro ULTRA scans the back to provide a customized massage that will be contoured to the spine’s curves. The massage chair may then determine where to massage the back to avoid discomfort. Each user of Panasonic massage chair can customize a program to conform to their body.

The Air Ottoman System can accommodate any height. This feature may be opened or closed depending upon the height of the individual. This feature also focuses on the lower body with the use of 14 airbag circulation. The calf muscles are stimulated to increase the blood circulation. To eliminate stiffness in the lower back, hips and neck, the ottoman squeezes the lower legs in 20 increment levels during chair massages.

Each different massage program focuses on the 350 acupoints in the body and the 100 acupoints in the back and neck. The unique design of Panasonic Urban Collection focuses on each of these acupoints to provide ultimate relaxation to any person that partakes in these luxurious chair massages. Many of the chairs also feature Auto Recline to 170 degrees to provide maximum comfort during the massage.

Reflexology is also incorporated into this luxurious chair massage experience. The reflexology plates stimulate the feet to increase energy flow and increase blood in the body. The plates are adjustable and removable to provide a customized and professional chair massage experience.

Not only do the chair massages focus on the back, neck shoulders and legs, but users will also enjoy increased circulation in the arms and palms. Tension will also be removed through the gradual stretching of the shoulder muscles and to increase flexibility. While the chair is massaging the arms and hands, clients may require adjustment. The chairs may be adjusted with voice guidance system remote control to avoid interruption of the relaxing massage experience.

Leaders in the Chiropractic industry such as HealthSource Chiropractic, Inc. have recommended Panasonic massage chairs for its patients across the nation in each of its 250 offices. This chiropractor considers the Panasonic massage chair to be a part of its doctor comprehensive set of tools. Panasonic’s partnership with Panasonic offers 100% triple satisfaction for their patients with their services and the use of this tool.

Panasonic offers over five different models of massage chairs each with a varying degree of technological advancement and price ranges. The prices range from $2700 to $8000. Many of these chairs are readily available, and ship to the consumer within one to three business days after payment is rendered. Chair massages are an excellent way for people to end a physically or mentally stressful day. Panasonic products have exceeded the expectations of many consumers in the market for massage chairs.

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