Changing the Oil in Your Car by Yourself

What You will Need:

Your Car

New Oil Filter

Oil Pan

a 3/8-drive socket set (for most autos)

Oil Filter Wrench

The Process:

Changing the oil on your own auto can save you a ton of money. I recently changed the oil in my vehicle, after a friend told me that it isn’t that hard. I am far from a mechanic, but decided to give it a go and save some money. Many people may think this is a hard task, but it is actually very simple and can be done in very little time. All you will need is the above mentioned equipment and you are ready to go.

Start off by putting on some old clothes, because you are likely to get a little dirty during the process, I was covered with grime from the bottom of the car! You should be able to slide under your auto and access everything you need without elevating the auto, but if not, use a set of car ramps to lift the front end of your car, they are much safer than a jack. Take the oil pan to catch the used oil and place it under the oil pan of the car. The oil pan is usually flat on the bottom and will have a bolt on one side, this it the bolt you will remove with your 3/8 drive socket to release the old oil. Be careful as the oil will probably be hot if you have driven your auto recently. Remove the plug bolt from the oil pan and let the oil drain into the oil pan.

Next take the oil filter wrench and locate the oil filter, it is typically white or orange depending on the brand, and resembles a cylinder with one end a bit rounded. Remove the filter with the filter wrench. Take your new filter and rub a little of the old oil on it to make installation easier and assure a good seal. Place the filter on and hand tighten until it is firm, then with the oil filter wrench give another good half turn. Replace the oil pan plug bold and tighten firmly. You don’t want any leaks as this could result in a damaged engine.

Read your autos manual to find out what type of oil and how many quarts you will need to refill the engine with. Locate the oil reservoir or use a funnel at the dip stick for the oil to put in the amount and type of oil recommended by your manufacturer. Start the car and make sure the oil pressure hold or that the oil light goes off shortly after starting the engine. Move your auto to a different location and check for leaks on the ground to make sure you have tightened everything correctly. Finally, dispose of the oil in the proper manner. If you are changing the oil in your car please comment and let the readers know how it went. I found this task pretty easy, and will likely do it again next oil change.

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