Cheap and Easy Candle Holders for Wedding Tables

A formal wedding reception can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the total cost depends upon many factors. Reception decorations are a large part of the expense, especially if they are professionally designed. Instead of buying ready-made candle holders for wedding tables, use easy low-cost substitutes that are anything but cheap in appearance. Save money by coming up with your own decorations, and begin with these cheap and easy candle holders for decorating wedding reception tables. They can be designed to match virtually any color, and they look absolutely gorgeous.

Cheap and Easy Wine Glass Candle Holders

Instead of buying costly votive cups or candle holders that are anything but impressive, use wine glasses to hold candles that will decorate wedding tables. Buy dollar store wine glasses, and fill the bases with small flat glass marbles, colored aquarium gravel, faux gems or some other small pebble-like items of choice. Opt for battery-operated flickering candles that look real instead of the wax variety. Center each candle into the wine glass holders, and press them into the contents of choice. If desired, tie a ribbon made of color-coordinating tulle fabric around the stems of the wine glass candle holders. Upon first glance they will look like real flickering candles adorning the tables, but without the danger and aggravation of open flames that could go out or start a fire.

Use Short Translucent Glasses in a Color of your Choice

When looking for cheap and easy candle holders for wedding tables, consider using short translucent drinking glasses with wide openings. Once they are filled with candles and one of the aforementioned decorative stabilizers, they will not look at all like drinking glasses. If desired, evenly space faux gems on the outsides of the glasses, and attach them with clear-drying glass adhesive. The wedding tables will look fantastic!

Opt for Small Shallow Glass Bowls

Small shallow glass bowls also make fantastic candle holders for wedding tables. As directed in wine glass candle holder instructions, fill the base of each bowl with something to add color and design while holding the candles in place. Small shallow glass bowls can be found in discount stores and some dollar stores, and they make beautiful candle holders for wedding tables.

Unlike actual candle holders, these decorative options for wedding tables are as practical as they are visually appealing. Once they no longer adorn the wedding tables, they can be used for their intended purpose. More importantly, they will save money while beautifully decorating the wedding reception venue in unique and appealing new ways.

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