Cheap Massages for Classy Ladies (and Even Men) in Houston!

So my mother and I went and got a much needed massage today, which was MAGICAL, as always! We went to our favorite place, and if you live in Houston TX, then you my friend are in luck! There is a facility here called *The Memorial Hermann Wellness Center and it is located off of 59 South going towards Sharpstown and Houston Baptist University. It is a devision of the Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital and sits in a smaller building right next door to the actual hospital. For only $20 for 30 minutes and $29 for an hour you yourself can visit anytime, as much as you want!

Why so cheap you ask? The masseuses at the facility are actually student interns, trying to complete their field hours towards getting their license. Each session you attend will be worked by a different intern, each of them following the same Swedish massage style, but throwing in little quirks of their own along the way. Upon arriving for your appointment you will fill out a short form, asking a couple quick questions such as -Any major health problems? -What areas do you need the most? and -What areas would you like to avoid? The interns will take your answers to these questions into account when performing your massage. They are SUPER friendly and just want to make you feel good! If you find an intern that you really like, you can feel free to request them for your next visit, but be aware that the interns work in rotations, so once they are done with their needed hours, they will no longer be available.

The massage room is unique in that it is actually one big room where everyone is placed, but don’t be alarmed! There are hundreds of little private curtained off partitions within this room, each with its own bed and dressing mirror that allow you to have a very relaxing, comfortable, and private experience! The facility is very nice and has an actual Spa included in it as well, where you can get your own private room and facials and what not, but this experience does come at a higher price. We always just do the $29 massage which is more than enough. At the moment I’m feeling great, relaxed, and happy! Now back to hunching over this computer and creating more “boulder” sized knots in my neck!

Please check out The Wellness Center if you are interested! I would never suggest anything to you guys that I didn’t personally enjoy and experience myself!
Massage and Spa Therapy School: Student Intern Massages – Memorial Hermann

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