Chiefs Fans Start to Wonder Just How Good Their Team Is

Across NFL message boards and fan sites many KC Chief followers are starting to wonder just how good their team really is. The much improved Chiefs won their division last year finishing the season 10/6 only to get thumped in the playoffs by the Baltimore Ravens in a 7 to 30 loss. The dismal playoff performance left onlookers wondering just how good their team really was. Although Kansas City was without their star running backs in the loss, QB Matt Cassel threw no TD’s in either that wildcard game or the previous match against Oakland.

Many blamed the bad offensive play on the lack or receiving talent which causes KC’s lone standout WR Dwane Bowe to receive double coverage throughout many games. In an effort to become less one-dimensional KC picked up Steve Breaston via free agency and drafted 1st round pick Jonathan Baldwin. The impact of these additional players has yet to be seen and after two pathetic performances this preseason (0 to 25 loss vs. Tampa and a 13 to 31 loss vs. Baltimore) Chiefs fans still don’t know where they stand. Was the winning team last year a product of an ‘easy’ schedule or will the team repeat and remain at the top of their division?

Fans may be able to take some solace in knowing that coach Todd Haley’s goal this preseason has not been to simply win but rather stay healthy and get a good look at many second string players. Many 1st string players aren’t even stepping on the field and those that do only play for a few downs. The good news seems to be that everyone is staying healthy, the bad news is the back-up’s look pathetic. However does that matter? I mean how much do the second stringers really play during the regular season? One thing is for certain before last years reemergence as a post-season contender, It had been a long dry drought for chiefs fans and folks don’t seem to thrilled at the idea of returning to the desert.

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