Children’s Christmas Plays for Church with Free Christmas Play Script

Each year, churches across the globe celebrate Christmas with plays. Some churches hold their Christmas play early while others wait until the last day before Christmas to put on the performance. Whichever time you choose to put on the play, make it a learning experience for the kids. It will be something they take with them their whole lives.

Children’s Christmas Plays

It is more important to teach children about the Bible than where to stand or how to walk on the night of the Christmas play. Use the time you spend rehearsing the children’s Christmas play script to re-enforce Bible points, main ideas and Bible facts.

It may sound hard, but it will be easy to do if done correctly. Children won’t even know they are learning. They will just think they are “going over” the Christmas play. Truth be told, they will be learning when they hear other children repeat the Christmas play script every time you practice. As school teachers will tell you, children learn by repetition.

Kids Christmas Plays

When you begin making out the Christmas play script, think about what the children would benefit from knowing the most. It is Christmas and I love to tell the birth of Jesus, but the whole play doesn’t have to center around that one single aspect of Christmas. Add some facts along the way. Children can recite facts from the Bible to use as their speaking parts.

Below is a free christian Christmas play script you can use as a model for your next Christmas play for children. Add more facts from the Bible for more children. If the children are older, give them several facts to recite. You can even add the verses from the Bible where the facts are found.

Free Christmas Play Script

Speaking Parts for Children:

Child One: There are 39 books in the Old Testament.
Child Two: There are 27 books in the New Testament.
Child Three: There are 66 books in the whole Bible.
Child Four: Even though men wrote the Bible, it was God who told them what to write.
Child Five: Everything God wants us to know is in the Bible.
Child Six: Jesus had 12 disciples.
Child Seven: We can be disciples for Jesus too.
Child Eight: Jesus was born as a baby in a stable in Bethlehem.
Child Nine: When Jesus was born, the stable might have been a cave and not a barn.
Child Ten: Mary lay baby Jesus in a manger.
Child Eleven: The mangers in Bible times could have been made out of rock or stone.
Child Twelve: Baby Jesus didn’t have a nice warm blanket. He was wrapped in swaddling clothes.
Child Thirteen: Swaddling clothes were strips of cloth that were used to wipe down the animals.
Child Fourteen: God is our heavenly father.
Child Fifteen: When we ask Jesus to come into our hearts, we will go to Heaven to live with him forever.
Child Sixteen: When we are saved, Jesus writes our name down in the book of life.

Poem for Older Child or More Than One Child:

Jesus came to earth as a baby,
He grew to be a man.
Baptized by his cousin John,
Then, crucified with nails in his hands.

Today he lives in Heaven,
One day we can go there too.
Ask him to be your Savior,
That’s all you have to do.

Suggested Songs to Sing:

“The Books of the Bible,” which can be downloaded from iTunes. “Away in a Manger” with motions. “The 12 Disciples Song.” “He Reigns” with motions. “Joy to the World” with motions.

Tips for Christmas Plays

Have the children dress up as barn animals, a stable or clouds (for heaven), water (for baptism) or anything else out of the ordinary. Have one child holding strips of cloth (swaddling clothes) or even carrying a crown for baby Jesus because he is the King.

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