Chloe Cat’s Internet Intervention

You can’t look anywhere without seeing someone hooked up to some electronic device, whether it’s a cell phone, an iPod, a tablet, a laptop etc. You’re not connected if you’re not on Facebook, Twitter or Hotmail etc. Heck even my litter box is programmed to sweep away my “little indiscretions” shall we say, seconds after I have committed them. Perhaps you feel consumed by it all, maybe a little overwhelmed or out of control? You want to stop but you can’t. You see the computer there and you are drawn to it. Meanwhile, I miss my ear scratches and belly rubs, so take the first step on what could be a freeing road to recovery and take this quiz.

1. When I have my internet I feel extreme peace, happiness and oneness with the world but if you take my internet away from me I WILL seriously hurt you. yes or no

2. I spend 18 hours a day with my internet and the rest of my valuable time with something called loved ones. yes or no

3. I have dry eyes, headaches and backaches, and I sip my meals through a drinking hat. yes or no

4. I wait for the internet to be “unavailable” before I sleep and sometimes wake in the middle of the night to grab my laptop from the nightstand and check on something I suddenly remembered that I needed to check on. yes or no

5. Everything I need to know about my personal hygiene I learned from my cat – a little lick will do it. yes or no

If you answered yes to even one of these questions you need to admit to yourself and your cat that you have a problem and seek help. If you answered yes to number 5 that kind of grosses me out. Admitting that you need help is the first step to setting yourself free from this insidious addiction and renewing your relationship with your feline. Your cat will thank you for it.

* This has been a tongue in cheek look at what could be a serious problem. Sometimes humour can be a good ice breaker. Also, at times our adult behaviour can impact our children so I’d like to include the following link as a reference to address Children and Internet Addiction. It also includes help for Adult Addiction Issues and directions if you would like to seek Intervention.

I hope that you have found this entertaining, informative and perhaps even a little thought provoking. I must get back to my Facebook now….right after I feed my cat…here kitty, kitty, kitty.

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