Choose Bridesmaid Dresses They Can Wear Again

Brides can dictate the dress for their bridal party picking anything they choose. Even if all of your bridesmaids look horrible in your dress of choice, as bridesmaids, they have to grin and bear it. While matchy, frilly dresses may look great in your wedding party photo, the pained look on your bridesmaids faces will not. These tips will help you choose a bridesmaid dress they can wear again and again.

Take the body shapes of your bridesmaids into account. Remember that no to women are alike. This means that someone is going to look awful if you put everyone into the same dress. Consider choosing dresses all made of the same fabric and color, but in a cut that is flattering to the women in question. For more continuity, choose two or three cuts and let the women choose which ones of these they want.

Just like no two women are shaped the same, they are also not the same complexion, if if they are all related. So, chances are that someone is going to look extra red or washed out in your dress of choice. Still, are a few color options that are universal that you can consider. Ivory, teal, and taupe are some of these colors. Another option is to choose a versatile color like red or purple, and have each person choose the shade of that color that looks best on them.

Choose a classic dress style, staying away from anything that is too dated or frilly. Classic dress styles would include A-line dresses with fitted bodices, or sweatheart bodices with full skirts. Dresses like these can be worn for decades.

Consider choosing your bridesmaid dress from coordinate collections. David’s Bridal, for example, specializes in making bridesmaids separates, where they will have a dozen different tops, skirt styles, and accessories, all in any number of colors that you can mix or match. You can pick two colors and three styles and let your girls go for it.

Choose period dresses. If you and your friends are daring, you can choose period dresses for everyone. Flapper dresses for example can be chosen for the brides and bridal party. They don’t even have to match. Each girl can find their own. The bride can gift the girls with matching handbags and long pearl necklaces to do with their style. The same can be done with medieval dresses or romantic period dresses.

Make sure your fabric is sturdy. In the best of one of these cases, I went to a wedding where all of the bridesmaids were wearing a beautiful tone of taupe in styles that were flattering to them. The only problem is the several of the girls had snags on their dresses from brushing up against anything with rough textures.

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