Choosing the Right Golf Ball

Occasional, golfers don’t give a lot of thought to determining the best golf ball. They think of the golf ball as simply a tool that really is’nt important. After all, you’re just whamming it around the course, right? Wrong! Having the right golf ball can pull ahead your distance in your drives, make it easier for you to pull off finesse shots, and so much more!.

Basically, there are three types of balls : balata;a 2 piece, or a combination of both. Golf balls are constructed with three different kinds of purposes in mind as well : distance, spin, and control. Choosing a specific golf ball really depends on what you are looking for in your golfing technique

If you are a player looking for a spin when hitting the ball, choose a balata golf ball. This is just a softer ball that has a softer cover and allows for more spin. This is the ball that most experts choose. This ball is little more pricer than the other balls though.

Maybe you have a higher handicap and are searching for more distance and durability. This is where a good two piece ball will be best. This golf ball has a harder cover which creates less backspin allowing you to hit it further.

Some golf balls are designed for slower swing speeds with a lightweight construction that catches air. These balls are mostly used by seniors and women but plenty of men will play these balls because it gets them extra length when hit.

Trust it or not, weather condition you are playing in can make a difference in which golf ball you use. Course conditions can also dictate golf ball choice. Lets say the course has been flooded with rain. In this case, you will need a ball that will travel farther and makes less spin. If you are playing on a rock hard, sun-scorched track, choose something softer that will set down with a soft and spin.

Look at the temperature as well. Balls for men come in two compressions, 90 and 100. When you hit the ball, the ball compresses. Therefore the 90 compression ball will be softer than the 100. If its cold, the ball will not compress as much so you will want to play a 90 compression golf ball. If its hot out, you will want to opt for the 100 compression.

Generally, two piece balls are going to give you more distance and they will be more durable so they will last longer. Solid core golf balls will offer less trajectory and can spin for better accuracy. Even the dimples on the ball can have an effect on your game. Smaller dimples lessen the ball to fly higher while larger dimples increase it.

Before playing a game, you should make sure you use the right golf ball that is right for the weather conditions and for yourself. There are many, many choices on the market. Explore which golf ball you may want to use and then try it out. Experiment and in time, you’ll precisely find the right golf ball for you.

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