Chris Jericho Returns

On the January 2nd 2012, episode of Monday Night Raw, Chris Jericho returned to the WWE. Jericho was revealed as the force returning on the second day of 2012. When Jericho was revealed most of the WWE Universe went nuts. Fans in attendance where chanting his name, while fans at home took to twitter where “#Y2J” become the number one trend worldwide. What did Jericho have to say about the response he got? Nothing, that’s right nothing. After being revealed as the force returning on the second day of 2012, Jericho said nothing. He danced around the center of the ring for ten minutes. During this ten minutes Jericho made gestures and shouted “Come On” to get the crowd cheering for him. After the ten minutes was up, Jericho headed backstage without addressing the WWE Universe. As Jericho made his way backstage some fans in attendance began to boo.

I will be the first to admit that I was wrong. For those readers who don’t know, I selected The Undertaker as the force that would be returning on the second day of 2012. I thought the ‘Y2J Theory’ was to simple. The Theory involved taking the ‘Y’ from Youtube, the ‘2’ from the 2 nd day, and the ‘J’ from January giving you ‘Y2J’.

Jericho’s return could be one of the worst returns in WWE history. The WWE spent six weeks promoting the return of Jericho. To have Jericho return and do nothing makes the return promos seem like a waste. The promos claimed “a familiar force was returning” and “it would be the end of the world as you know it”. I did not choose Jericho as the force returning because I did not view Jericho as a force. Based on the return last night, I guess I was right. Last night was not the end of the world as I knew it either. Jericho did nothing but prance around the ring during his return. How is the WWE Universe suppose to look at him as a force with a return like that? At first I wanted to see what Jericho had to say. After five minutes of prancing around I thought a real force was going to come out and attack him. That real force could have been Brodus Clay.

Brodus Clay was suppose to make his return last night but never did. The WWE probably pushed Clay’s return back because his return would have out shined Jericho’s. Jericho did nothing, so anything Clay did would have looked better than Jericho.

Do you think Jericho’s return was a successful one or did the WWE make a huge mistake by having Jericho return and do nothing?


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