Christian Women’s Faith-Based Weight Loss Program Addresses the Issue of Emotional Eating and Food Addiction

The Bible tells the story of when Jesus went on a spiritual fast and Satan came to him and tried to tempt him with food. Jesus told Satan: “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4). Christian women (and men) are being tempted to overeat and become addicted to food. Many Christians forego drugs, alcohol and cigarettes but depend on overeating food as an easy, socially acceptable escape from the fear, stress and anxiety of life. Food can become an idol in our lives because it is a socially acceptable, easily assessable and inexpensive substance to be addicted to…

As Christian women, when we find ourselves repeating gluttonous sinful behavior that can lead to an untimely death, this is a BIG sign that we are operating outside of the will of God. Romans 6:23 says, For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. God made food to be a gift to nourish, heal and re-energize our wonderfully made bodies. God did not make food for us to use as way to replace God and forget God when times get tough and we’re going through tough trials and tribulations. If you need faith-based Christian weight loss coaching visit ( okay.

Many Christian women find themselves turning to food for comfort and peace because unhealthy food is a very cheap, quick, tasty fix that is not looked down upon, but encouraged during celebrations at the church. Every time there is a gathering for fellowship, you’ll find a vast array heart clogging fattening foods to choose from and it’s very hard to resist the temptation to overeat when everyone around you is indulging in these fattening foods, plus you have people encouraging you to partake in foods that can lead to a serious binge.

If you replace the God and the Holy Spirit with a physical substance like food, drugs or alcohol, you’ll never fill the void in your heart or heal the source of the immense pain you feel in your soul. Eating fatting, sweet sugary treats is not sin, but the overindulgence of unhealthy food is sinful because it will lead to obesity, depression, diabetes, heart attack, cancer, strokes plus more devastating illnesses.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ died to forgive you of your sins and free you from sickness and disease so please do not condemn yourself for using food to replace God when you were feeling lonely or sad. Do not condemn yourself if you are now afflicted with a disease like hypertension or diabetes because of the weight you gained from overeating. You have to forgive yourself as God has forgiven you; this is the first step to being set free.

John 8:36 says, If therefore the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

All you need to do now is ask God for forgiveness, forgive yourself and accept the Lord’s freedom in your heart and renew your faith. It’s time to pray and recommit your life to God, and release the bondage of food idolatry, obesity, sickness and depression in your life. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you up where you feel empty and rebuke the addiction to food and the strongholds of low self-esteem, fear, anxiety and stress in Jesus’ name.

You can and will be victorious if you stay consistent with your prayer, Christian fellowship and the studying of God’s Word. It’s not easy, but when you have a supportive network of caring Christian’s around you to pray for you and encourage you, all things are possible. Proverbs 27:17 says Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens his friend’s countenance.

God wants you to enjoy what you eat, but please be aware of Satan’s attempts to tempt you to hurt you with unhealthy food so you will forget about God and the destiny He has in store for you. Don’t let unhealthy food trap you into a web of weight gain, illness, doubt, fear and hopelessness any longer.

If you don’t love the way you look and feel, stand up and do something about it today! Make a choice to eat healthy nutritious foods that will nourish your body and soul starting right now. Don’t get discouraged, take it day by day and don’t give up on God or yourself.

Victory Steps Christian Weight Loss Coaching offers faith based wellness coaching to women who struggle with weight gain, divorce, single motherhood, eating disorders, chronic illness and clinical depression. If you’re ready for one-to-one faith-based weight loss coaching, get started at

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