Christmas and Easter


By Gene Gaster


I, for one, am happy I have put Christmas and Easter in their proper perspective. (It is so nice to not have to run to malls and be in lines and traffic. It takes all the pressure off and then try and remember next year what you received the prior year or what you returned. (Check your Christmas cards, you received, and see how many are Christ oriented.)

Why not create two new “holidays” and merely call one Santaday and the other Bunnyday? (suggestions) With many people the “political correct” way is now to say “Happy Holidays” and they omit Christ as not to offend. So why not eliminate the controversy? Celebrate the two “holidays” mentioned? By all means! Give gifts to your loved ones. Enjoy the food and drink and make merry. Egg hunts, colorful baskets for the children, candy and food. I believe God wants us to have that fellowship. All wonderful times and precious memories. Mankind should have these “holidays”,

History tells us the origin of Christmas and many resources consider it pagan. True Christians believe that the birth of Jesus is factual and all of the Bible is true. Do they not? Why tie His birth in with trees, gifts or Santa or any other icon? With many people, Jesus is an afterthought at Christmas. Columbus gets a day for himself. Martin Luther King and presidents get a day for themselves! ( Even though the presidents are grouped into one day.) And our Lord and Savior has to share His Birthday with a fantasy figure, reindeer and elves? And his death and resurrection with eggs, bunnies, baskets and candy? How ludicrous is that?

What person in their right mind would go to the funeral of a loved one and celebrate with candy and bunnies and colorful baskets filled with goodies? Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Let’s put things in their proper perspective and reserve and observe Christmas and Easter for Him alone!

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