Christmas Candy, Old Fashioned Candy & Other Old Candy You Thought They Quit Making

As children, we remember the Christmas candy our moms and dads bought for us each year. Often, we would wake up Christmas morning to find hard Christmas candy in our stocking left by Santa during the night. As years passed, the delicious hard Christmas candy was replaced with other types of candy. It seemed that all the old time candy we loved was gone forever.

Surprisingly, after doing some research, I found many stores still carry or even make the scrumptious old fashioned candy we tell our kids about year after year. Wanting to share in my happiness, I have compiled a list below to direct you to some of the old time candies I remember and loved as a child. I hope you enjoy what I discovered, and Merry Christmas!

Old Time Candy: Candy You Ate as a Kid. Located on 350 Commerce Drive East in LaGrange, Ohio, the Old Time Candy store has more than 300 different items and more than 700 different flavors within those items. If you would like to visit the Old Time Candy store, bring your pocket book and plan for several hours of shopping time. Encouraging visitors to walk the aisles, the store is set up like an old fashioned candy store we see in the movies. This is a great way to teach kids about the “good ol’ days.” Some items on their list of old time candy includes gum drops, honeycomb peanuts, Mary Janes, Nonpareils, peanut butter bars, orange slices, raspberries and blackberries, root beer floats, wax lips, wax fangs and much more. If you don’t live near LaGrange, they have an online store for customers to order, and they’ll ship it straight to your door any time of the year. If you would like to contact them directly, the number is 440-355-4345.

Meadow Lights. Meadow Lights is not only the oldest and largest Christmas light show in eastern North Carolina, it also has the largest variety of Christmas candy and old fashioned candy in the state. With more than 300 different types of old time candy, visitors from all over the surrounding areas come to enjoy the light show and stay to pick up some great Christmas candy as gifts. The old time candy store is on Godwin Lake Road in Benson, N.C. Some Christmas hard candies can be purchased online while others will have to be picked up at the light show during the holiday season. For more information, call 919-669-5969.

Candy Warehouse: Nostalgic & Old Fashioned Candy. Located on South Douglas Street in El Segundo, Calif., the Candy Warehouse is known for its candy varieties. Although the Candy Warehouse has numerous old time candies for all occasions, the store has a huge list of Christmas candy as well. Old time candy like wax lips, candy button strips, sour balls, Goo Goo Clusters and licorice tubes are just a few on their list. Some old candy on their Christmas list includes licorice pastels, toy chest sours, old fashioned cut rock candy, gummy Christmas wreaths, peppermint Christmas tree nougats, crimp ribbon hard candy and much more. For more information, call 310-343-4099.

O’Ryans Village. Packed full of old fashioned candy, O’Ryans Villiage is stocked and ready for any occasion when customers want old time candy the way they remember it in the old days. A few old time candy items they have in stock include red hots, lemon heads, Boston Baked Beans, French Chew Taffy, Tiny Chiclets, Charms Candy Squares, candy buttons and candy cigarettes. Candy sticks, Snow Caps and soft peppermint puffs are all great ideas for Christmas candy as well. If you would like to contact the store directly, call 262-652-1314.

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