Christmas Decorating Guide for a Very Small Front Yard

Depending on the size of your property, you might find yourself with tons of Christmas decor and holiday decorating ideas, but no idea on how to make it all work. If you live on an expansive piece of property, there may be no problem. However, if the lawn in front of your house is short and narrow, you may find yourself wondering how to pull it off. This article offers some very practical ideas on how to not let your lack of space diminish your display of holiday spirit.

Perspective is Key! The boundaries of your property line may tell you that you can’t create an artful and lovely Christmas display, but that simply isn’t so. You need to work with what you have. Simple strands of white lights around your tree trunks along with one animated holiday display is all you need to draw attention to your front yard. Ditch the entire collection of Santa and all his reindeer and limit the holiday decor to the piece that means the most to you and your family.

Make the Most of Christmas lights. While three or four blow up holiday decorations may seem like overkill in a very small yard this Christmas, holiday lights can be used in abundance. Keeping the lights to one or two festive colors can help to keep the display from looking overdone. String lights around your home’s windows, doors and the perimeter of the roof. Wrap a few strands around the front yard’s trees and the post of the mailbox. Hang a festive wreath on the front door and your decorating is complete. Keeping the yard free and clear of decor draws attention to the home’s structure lit up with holiday cheer and makes the entire property look festive and bright without appearing cartoon like.

Embrace Classic Decor. While your heart may overflow with holiday spirit and you wish to share it with all your neighbors and passers-by, the tiny piece of property in front of your house may appear to be a roadblock. This is the time to embrace the simple and classic decor of years gone by. Hang an evergreen wreath on your door with a red festive bow at the bottom. Set up electric candles in each window. Drape a green garland around your mailbox post with berries or holiday ornaments interspersed among the branches and consider yourself finished. A classic and simple display of seasonal cheer will make your home and property look festive, but understated as well.

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