Christmas for the Less Fortunate

Christmas is a special time of year but people often forget the true meaning of Christmas. This day does not revolve around all the gifts you receive, it’s all about Jesus Christ.
This past summer I went to Haiti on a mission trip. Before the trip I tried to prepare myself for anything that could possibly happen. I prayed for preparation, protection, understanding and no fear. It took a lot of money and time to get there. It was my first plane ride and my first time out of the country. I was nervous.

When I arrived at the airport in Haiti I immediately realized that we have it so much better than they do. It was very small, hot and dimly lighted inside. I was not afraid of the people or the place. I was actually thankful that I was there. I met a lot of elderly people and young children when I did triage in the clinics. They were sick from diseases that you would never imagine a young child having. It was very hard to not break down in front of them. Many of them bathed in rivers that animals were in. They did not have much clothing and hardly any shoes. Even though they do not have what we have they are so appreciative of the little things that they do receive.

I went to Haiti expecting to teach the people there something but instead they taught me. They taught me that I should always be thankful no matter what I have or do not have. One translator told me that she would never come to the United States because we have so many material things and no happiness and they have little material things and a lot of happiness. If you do not receive what you were hoping to get for Christmas, do not get upset and complain. Just be thankful for everything that you already have.

This Christmas I want to encourage all of you to think about those that are less fortunate. Try to put yourself in their shoes. You do not need to leave the country to touch hearts, there are plenty people in America that could use a few things or maybe just some words of encouragement.

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