Christmas Limited Edition Perfume Presents

Are you looking for solid perfume gifts to give to your family and friends for Christmas? The holiday shopping season is one of the best times to find limited edition fragrance products, like solid perfume compacts. Stores have an extraordinary selection of designer scented bath and body sets, roll-ons and collectible miniatures. These editions are usually only available a few times a year-Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Bath and body sets with shower gels and lotions have gotten smaller over the last decade. If you are buying a set for a loved one in their favorite fragrance, you may want to buy an extra to last the entire year. If you want to give a particular fragrance for a present, but it’s seems too strong, the holiday season is when you will have a better chance of finding it in a milder scent like cologne or eau de toilette.

Limited production vintage perfumes are also more widely available around Christmas. But perfumed deodorants, dusting powders, and candles are truly rare. If you don’t purchase them in the store when you see them, you may not be able to easily find them later-on, even at online sellers.

The Christmas season is the best time to find miniature collectibles sets. Premier designer fragrance sets are available year-round, but other designer mini sets may only be available around the holidays. After you’ve given away two or 3 bottles of the set for gifts, you can keep a mini bottle for yourself. You can do the same with roll-on fragrance sets. Many major manufacturers have added sets of 3 or 4 rollerballs to their lines.

Obscure, little known perfumes also become more available in stores during the holiday season for Christmas presents.

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