Christmas of 98′

Christmas is probably the one-day out of each year that most people remember the easiest. Good or bad, memories of Christmas from several years ago still linger in the minds of most people who celebrate it. When it comes to me, I can remember most of the Christmases that I was alive for and the memories are very vivid. However, the Christmas of 1998 is the most memorable, I can recall that day in every aspect of my 5 senses. During that Christmas I was 9 years old, now 22, I can still remember it better than yesterday. It was just cold enough that the light coating of snow stuck to the ground, yet, there was not a cloud in the sky. When I woke up my twin brother and I went down stairs where we were greeted by our dad holding a video recorder to his face and my mom sitting in her oversized shirt on the couch drinking a cup of coffee. Under the tree there lay the typical gifts that can fit under the tree such as toys, cloths, electronics, and the yearly Hess Truck. I was happy to receive those gifts, but I had my hopes up for a dirt bike. Knowing that my parents always bought two of everything, I understood that asking for a dirt bike meant my twin brother would be asking for one too. Although a little let down, I knew the price of a dirt bike was pretty expensive and to buy two would be a very costly for my parents. After all of us opened our gifts we began to get ready and went over to my grandparents to eat dinner and exchange gifts.

The trip was only about a 15-minute ride and their house is located on the outskirts of a small town near woods and coal banks that were left by mining companies decades ago. Once we arrived we drove down the stone driveway and entered the house, the smell of my grandmothers great cooking was mouthwatering. Although I loved her cooking it was obvious that two nine-year-old boys wanted to open their presents. We all opened our gifts then sat at the dinner table for dinner and once full we all talked for a couple minutes until my mom and dad said that my brother and I needed to go into my grandparent’s bedroom to help move something. It did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary until we walked through the doorway and were awestruck to see two motorcycle helmets along with a whole collection of other protective gear. I was so excited that I became speechless; it was a moment I will never forget. Both my brother and I asked, “what do we needed all the gear for, we don’t even have dirt bikes?” That question proves how excited we were; it was obvious that a bigger surprise would be coming our way. Before they told us why we needed the gear our parents made us try it on to make sure it fit. Once suited up they told us to go to the garage because they seen Santa Claus going in there the night before. With no questions asked we hurried down to the garage to see what Santa had left. When we opened the door, there right in front of us stood two brand new Yamaha dirt bikes! Filled with excitement I could not think of any words that could describe how thankful I was.

Within minutes I was sitting on the dirt bike outside of the garage while it warmed up. My dad and pap explained how to shift through the gears and how the brakes worked. I remember how firm the brand new seat was and the way every vibration from the running engine carried through my body. The next few hours both my brother and I rode up and down the driveway countless times while our parents and grandparents watched. To this day I remember the smell of the exhaust and the way the ground became softer with each pass up and down the driveway. The Christmas of 1998 was filled with more excitement and surprise than any other Christmas in my lifetime- it is one day I will never forget.

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